My Mother Attacks My Emotional Health

So, this will be a quick post. My mum has always told me that I’m “emotionally stunted.” I don’t know why and when I’ve told people they can’t believe she would say that, but it doesn’t really matter that it’s untrue because she shouldn’t say such hurtful things.

I do have very mild anxiety that I take medication for. So, my mum has said things like “I just couldn’t stand to be around her before she went on the medication.” And frequently accuses me of stopping taking it even though that is ridiculous because I like the effect of having basically no stress at all. Anyway, now that I am out of contact with her, she emails my dad on a nearly daily basis telling him that I need extreme psychiatric treatment. I know it’s just her trying to assert some sort of control over me but it’s cruel that she continues to accuse me of being an emotional train wreck. I just have anxiety because it runs in my family. She has borderline personality disorder. I think she wins on the needing psychiatric treatment spectrum and she’s never had any because she lies to her therapists.

That was mostly a rant but I wanted to share that because it may seem small (she wasn’t beating me, just attacking my mental health slyly) but it hurt a lot. So, whatever you are going through, even if it is depicted as no big deal by society (verbal abuse is always trumped by physical), it doesn’t mean it’s not just as bad.


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