I thought I should do a post on how I got through living with my mother in one piece. Basically, I really threw myself into academics, as well as sports and volunteering to a lesser degree.

It can be extremely difficult to motivate yourself to do anything when things are bad at home, but it’s the only way that you’ll be able to stay sane and not have your life entirely wrecked by your parents. For me, I took as many AP and honors classes as were offered. I really love learning so this added some goodness into my life and was something else to focus on. Some nights I really struggled to do my work because I’d just been yelled at for an hour or something like that but I never made the connection. I always just thought I was really lazy. So remember that if sometimes you can’t perform at the level you want to, it’s because you have so much else on your mind. But overall I got the grades I wanted and got into my first choice for university.

So, I recommend finding something you love and really putting your all into it. It will help you get through all the unhappiness at home and once you’ve escaped it will  leave you with more options and opportunities. It’s kind of a lemons into lemonade situation because you use your difficult situation as motivation to build a good life for yourself.

And you don’t have to pick academics. You could focus on a sport you really love or spend lots of time volunteering. You could develope a business or write a book. The point is that you should find something that you enjoy and is productive in one way or another.

Anyway, that’s how I got through it all and I hope this is helpful to someone!


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